Thoughts on Truth

The heart is the arbiter of the true. This is why a simple truth is… simply: true. It has a holistic perfection that is all-inclusive and all-encompassing.

Once we experience something as true at this level of heart, our mind can then begin to understand it; to sort it out, and apply it — inclusively, holistically, and universally… as well as in minute detail and in very specific terms.

This mental understanding can then inform and direct our emotions, so that they become a means for increased sensitivity to others. Our feelings become more empathetic and compassionate…

In a time of global pandemic, racial strife, and political divisiveness, we can each be part of the problem or part of the solution. We can react to current events with anger, resentment, and fear, and thereby add to the climate of division and separativeness; or we can mindfully support practical solutions to the problems at hand. It’s helpful to evaluate what we bring to the discourse and ask ourselves some pointed questions.

When confronted with disturbing outer events, do you feel first and then think, or think first and then feel? And how does that tendency effect how you…

If we are to have any chance of avoiding outcomes even worse than global pandemics and racial riots, we need to get it once and for all that we’re all in this together. What effects one of us effects all of us. We’ll need to accept that this absolutely must be the basis on which we order our collective priorities, guide human relations, and utilize our common resources. Not just in our community, not just our country, but everyone, everywhere. If one person on the other side of the planet is suffering as a result of human made injustice, we…

The only dichotomy that matters in our society.

It’s not about Democrat or Republican,
— Liberal or conservative,
— — Capitalism or socialism,
It’s also not about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Zoroastrianism,
— It’s not about any of these because none of them is the one and only way,
— — And none of them is completely wrong in its perspective.

The one dichotomy that matters — and that makes sense of all is the rest —
— Is selfishness or selflessness,
— — Everyone has some of each,
— — — No one is perfect,

Is going back to “normal” what we really want?
What if instead we reconsider and confront
Outmoded faulty ways of ordering our lives?
It might in fact determine if our world survives.
Just what’s so wonderful about the way things were?
Our structures are a house of cards and quite unsure.
The stress-filled dog-eat-dog pursuit of one more toy
To numb ourselves against our endless lack of joy.
And even those who have enough still suffer too,
From turmoil, worry, fear of loss in all they do. …

Why Resisting Obstacles is Always a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — and How to Escape the Trap of Resistance

Why Resisting Obstacles is Always a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — and How to Escape the Trap of Resistance

It is a simple and basic truth that in the process of self-improvement, personal-transformation, achieving goals, or for that matter, in life in general, the more we struggle against the various obstacles in our way, the stronger they become and the more difficult to overcome. This is true regardless of whether the obstacles are inner, personal blocks and negative habit patterns, or outer circumstances, situations, or other factors that stand in the way of realizing our objectives.

That’s why things like the “war…

Is the COVID-19 Pandemic an Enormous Opportunity for All of Us?

It’s particularly important given current events that we remember that in crisis there is opportunity. The root of the word ‘crisis’ implies an important turning point — for good or ill. Clear thinking is absolutely essential in such situations. If we act from a place of fear-based reactions, or from our narrow-minded attachment to outmoded preconceptions no longer relevant to current conditions, we increase the likelihood of dire outcomes.

More to the point, though, we miss the tremendous opportunity which lies before us in direct proportion to the potential…

Mitch Williams

International award winning entertainer, inspirational speaker, and author of the book, A Call to Magic — the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World

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